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Our Story

MooseTrax emerged from my passion for shoes.  As a Sophomore in High School, I bought my first pair of pre-owned Jordans online, cleaned them up and was able to flip them making $17. The goal was to save up enough money to start my own collection, one pair at a time.  

Over the last two years, business has grown. We attend local and national sneaker shows, buying and selling. We buy and sell via Ebay and other social media as well. 

The next step was to design and open this online store. I will do my best to continually add inventory, categories, etc. If you have any recommendations send them my way!

Ultimately, I would love to have a brick and mortar store. But for now, I am happy doing what I love: buying and selling shoes, vintage and hype clothing, building a happy customer base that comes back for repeat purchases and maybe even adding to my collection.